Welcome to Free VPN service utilizing OpenVPN open source SSL VPN engine! We have experience in running OPENVPN based VPN network for more than 5 years. OpenVPN has the best VPN infrastructure considering its reliability, performance and easy firewall traversal feature. Please enjoy our excellent quality VPN service for your daily web surfing requests - secure your internet communication and unblock USA & UK Websites from any desktop computers, smartphones or tablets!

Unblock Websites, Online Videos and VOIP calls - Unblock everything

It's easy to use OpenVPN based free VPN connection in Computers, DD-WRT firmware Wireless routers, Jailbreaked iPhone/iPad or Android devices, download the OpenVPN client from this web site for most OS, or use the built-in OPENVPN client inside the DD-WRT routers or even in Android smart phones!


OpenVPN Server:

VPN Connection Type: TCP

VPN Connection Port: 443

VPN Username: openvpnfree

VPN Password: 1234


  • For Windows, download OpenVPN client Software from official link:
    Or use OpenVPN Portable Edition for Windows from OVPnP project.

    For Windows XP or Vista, install it as regular windows application;
    For Windows 7, set to Vista compatible mode before installing as explained Here;
  • For Apple Mac OSX, download the OpenVPN client from Here

  • For Linux Ubuntu or Debian, download X86 or X86 clients from Here
  • Once OpenVPN client is installed, please download our Free OpenVPN configuration file, it includes certificate, key and ovpn setting files, unzip the files into OpenVPN configuration folder (in Windows it could be C: drive, under "Program Files", the "OpenVPN" sub-folder, then select the "Config" folder), then right click OpenVPN icon and click "Connect" to start the VPN connection.

Notes about our Free SSL VPN service

  • We guarantee maximum 800Kbit/s download bandwidth and 500Kbit/s upload bandwidth for each free VPN session - suppose you have enough bandwidth from local ISP side;

  • To maintain high quality of VPN service, no P2P and Bit Torrent traffic is allowed;

Computers and Devices that our OPENVPN service can be used

  • Windows OS, Leopard Mac OS, Ubuntu Linux OS
  • iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & Google Android OS based Mobile Phones and Tablet
  • DD-WRT, OpenWRT etc. firmware based Wireless Routers